Are the West Indies Being Underrated for The T20 World Cup?

Chris Gayle

There are several qualifying teams that have landed a much deserved spot in the anticipated T20 World Cup. We know India is in the running as the favourites but are the West Indies being underrated as there hasn’t been much hype around the team making the cut? According to a T20 World Cup prediction, the team isn’t even close to winning the cup, but there are many who feel differently and that’s excluding West Indies supporters.

West Indies Statistics

If we look at the stats, it’s hard to believe that there hasn’t been more hype around the team and that sportsbooks have put up big odds. The cricket team are the only country to have won the T20 World Cup more than once. This alone gives room to great odds in favour of the team standing a very legitimate chance of winning the trophy.

The team currently ranks 10th in the overall T20 World Rankings, but they could easily adjust these statistics by winning, as they have done in the past!

What works against the team winning the title is that they are unpredictable and despite being a fantastic bet, there is the chance that the team underperforms. Some of the most reputable sportsbooks have given the team just over 10% probability of winning, while others give the Windies 15% to 20%. However, looking at these percentages is the country underrated and if so should bettors be wagering on the team.

West Indies Advantage Over Australia

According to expert sources and critics, Australia needs to watch out for West Indies. When compared, the two teams show significant similarities but while West Indies have been performing and have a good track record, Australia has underperformed but could easily improve during the T20 World Cup and the Aussies are feeling the heat.

Brian Lara on West Indies

Brian Lara, former West Indies player has cast his odds and has predicted the top 3 teams that stand a chance of winning the trophy. According to his professional and expert opinion, there are 3 teams that stand a shot at becoming the next T20 champions. Lara went on to say that he had hope for West Indies to go all the way and take the win, however, his main concern was the inconsistency of the team and that winning would prove to be a challenge but not because of lack of skill but rather because of the competing teams and India.

His prediction extended to India taking home the title; however, it would be a massive disappointment if the team didn’t as so many have their bets on India as the favourite with Australia being the underdog.

West Indies Power Players

The team of professional cricketers is an impressive one. With such strong players on board, it is easy to see why Australia may be feeling intimidated. The team’s quality alone is enough to say that they do in fact stand a great chance at the winning title and also why there are many who believe the team to be underrated.

Kieron Pollard is one of the strongest players in the team, having had many years’ experience and also having had captained other teams, the player brings a mature experience which is ultimately necessary to win the T20 World Cup.

Another power player is Chris Gayle; the athlete is fit and shows a promising future in cricket, which is what could be the winning factor for the team in the finals.

Dwayne Bravo has also been recognized for his talent and his contribution to West Indies. It is due to his connection to the other star players that there is a very good chance that the team have been underrated for the T20 World Cup.

Time will tell which team will walk away a winner; however, there is a great chance that West Indies could very well be that winning team.

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